Pennsylvania PBS

As a non-profit, public service organization, WVIA depends on fundraising to carry out our mission, but that has been difficult in this current environment. Some of our corporate sponsors have had to cancel events and curtail underwriting support. Our recent TV membership campaign started well but then tapered off as the public health crisis grew. We downsized our radio membership drive out of respect for the difficulties many in our region now face daily. We’re very grateful to our civic-minded sponsors and super- hero sustainers who realize the value of our mission and choose to support WVIA in this challenging time. You enable us to serve your family and your neighbors.

Mr. Rogers comforted children upset by scary news on TV by suggesting they “Look for the helpers.” In that spirit WVIA invites you to help us “Look for the helpers” of today. If you know of someone going above and beyond to help our community through this crisis, let us know here. We’d like to share stories of good news.

Now more than ever, our region needs public media. Now more than ever, WVIA is grateful for your support. Now more than ever, we’re all in this together. Thank you for being an important part of our WVIA family.