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Arts & Culture

Better Than Monkeys podcast logo

Better Than Monkeys

What (if anything) makes us—Homo sapiens—superior to (or at least distinct from) our close cousins, those happenin’ haplorrhine primates? WQLN’s premier podcast Better than Monkeys posits that it’s our forays into the arts and sciences that make us, well . . . human.

Chiaroscuro podcast


Chiaroscuro Records (pronounced: key + arrow + skew + row) preserves and presents classic and mainstream jazz with a focus on artistic integrity and improv interpretations through producing and distributing original recordings. 

Classical Crossroads podcast logo

Classical Crossroads

Where classical music crosses paths with rock and roll, world music, folk music and jazz.

Encore podcast logo


Did you miss a recent live broadcast? Or do you just want to hear it again? Relive recent WQED-FM live broadcasts on the Encore podcast page. Stream full length broadcasts by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and others.

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra On Tour podcast logo

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra On Tour

Jim Cunningham reports from the PSO’s domestic and international tours.

Pittsburgh Symphony Radio podcast logo

Pittsburgh Symphony Radio

A complete two hour concert hosted by Jim Cunningham. Listen for interviews and features, historic recordings and the latest weekly concerts from Heinz Hall.

The American Tapestry Project podcast logo

The American Tapestry Project

In the “American Tapestry: We Tell Ourselves Stories”, Andrew Roth explores the post-1968 shattering of the American story by asking “What is the ‘story of America’?

The Spark logo

The Spark

When people come together and talk about really interesting topics, great questions spark better understanding and opportunities for new ideas to form. Hosts Scott LaMar and Aniya Faulcon start the conversations about what’s happening in the world and at home.

@theSymphony podcast logo

The Symphony

Conductors, soloists and composers involved in making great Pittsburgh Symphony performances talk about their music.

Voice of the Arts podcast logo

Voice of the Arts

Insights and anecdotes from musicians, dancers, artists, actors and directors, as well as audience response.

WPSU'S This I Believe podcast logo

WPSU’s This I Believe

Tell us the personal philosophy and core values that guide your daily life, and hear stories from others.

Writers Contest podcast logo

Writers Contest

The Education Team at WQED has created a fun interactive podcast series featuring our very own Writers Contest story winners. Kids of all ages read their stories to YOU!

Health & Science

Battling Opioids Podcast

Battling Opioids

Pennsylvania has one of the highest opioid overdose death rates in the nation. Every day, thousands of Pennsylvanians—mothers, and fathers, children, neighbors—struggle to overcome addiction.

Overcoming an Epidemic Opioids in Pennsylvania podcast logo

Overcoming an Epidemic: Opioids in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Overcoming an Epidemic: Opioids in Pennsylvania, a podcast series from WPSU Penn State.

The Pulse podcast logo

The Pulse

Go on an adventure into unexpected corners of the health and science world each week with award-winning host Maiken Scott.


You Bet Your Garden podcast logo
PBS 39

You Bet Your Garden

Garden Guru, public radio host and former Organic Gardening Editor-in-Chief Mike McGrath tackles your toughest garden, lawn and pest problems every week.

Public Affairs

Democracy Works podcast logo

Democracy Works

The Democracy Works podcast seeks to answer that question by examining a different aspect of democratic life each week — from voting to criminal justice to the free press and everything in between.

NEXT with Marcus Atkinson podcast logo

NEXT with Marcus Atkinson

In order to paint a holistic picture of the plight, hopes, and dreams of Erie, NEXT seeks to spotlight and analyze issues that affect inner city Erie from the perspective of its next generation of voices – voices of those who are taking the lead on various aspects of the community.

REACH podcast logo


Penn State is a national leader in university research and receives over $900 million in funding annually. Producers Beth Bamford and Cole Cullen sit down with researchers to discuss what they are studying, and why it matters to the people listening and the impact in their communities.

Take Note podcast logo

Take Note

Listen to conversations about issues that matter, interviews with central Pennsylvania newsmakers.

We Question & Learn podcast logo

We Question & Learn

The We Question & Learn interview program heard Sundays at 4 p.m., monthly, on WQLN Radio 91.3 FM is dedicated to being a community interest program devoting an entire hour to interviews with Erie’s prominent leaders, business people, and educators, focusing in on business and technology.