Weekdays from 7am to Noon; Watch, explore and play with your favorite PBS KIDS characters!

Learning at Home continues throughout September! Join us from 7 am-12 pm, Monday through Friday, for PBS KIDS programs like Wild Kratts, Molly of Denali, and Donkey Hodie for children from Pre-K through 3rd grade. The weekly activity guides connect the programs to Pennsylvania education standards and include lessons for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the Arts, and more!

Every week, you can count on your Pennsylvania PBS station to provide instructional programming for your learner. These schedules are organized by appropriate grades and color-coded by subject matter. Click the links underneath each program to access free supplemental material to extend the learning.

Check out the TEACHERS page for more free, quality online resources to help ignite that curiosity in your child.

Ready Set Music

Feelings can be hard for children to talk about. Often they demonstrate their feelings before they can use words to share them. Visit Ready Set Music to find out several ways music can help children talk about their feelings.

WQLN Homeroom

WQLN Homeroom

This WQLN-produced program is designed for preschool-aged children and is an at-home supplement filled with fun and engaging lessons and activities.With American Sign Language interpretation, “WQLN Homeroom” benefits children of all abilities.

Library Resources

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Power Library

Find e-resources , books, movies and more in a PA library.

Power Kids

Pennsylvania’s electronic library with e-resources including BookFLIX, CyberSmarts, and TrueFLIX.

Your local Pennsylvania PBS stations are proud to be a part of Your Learning Neighborhood!