Samantha Hand

Samantha Hand
Samantha Hand

What makes music an important part of your life?

Music is an important part in my life because when I feel left out or when I feel down, there are songs that can lift me up again. Music is another way to express yourself.  

There are many different types of music: jazz, hip-hop, folk, country, pop.  Describe your favorite genre of music.  What makes it your favorite?

My favorite type of music is pop because it has good beats and words. It’s my favorite because the beats help me go along with the music and understand the song.  I like being able to dance freely with the beat.

Many people associate music with sound and hearing.  Can you share some of the ways a non-hearing person enjoys music?

One way that a non-hearing person can enjoy music is by feeling the beat through vibrations. They can read the words and feel the music. 

You can make music and express yourself with music even as a non-hearing person.  What are your favorite ways to make songs and express yourself with music?

My favorite way is to dance by feeling the beat.  The other way I express myself with music is by playing the trumpet. 

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