Stephanie Shipi
Stephanie Shipi

Stephanie Shipi

What makes music an important part of your life?

Music is an important part of my life because songs can make me feel happy, sad or any kind of mood. I like when I feel the beat because this makes me want to dance and have fun! Music makes me relax and forget about my worries, stresses and keeps me from overthinking.

There are many different types of music: jazz, hip-hop, folk, country, pop.  Describe your favorite genre of music.  What makes it your favorite?

Hip hop and pop are my favorite types of music. I like to hear how fast rappers can go and how they express their story. When I see the lyrics, then I understand how they feel.

Many people associate music with sound and hearing.  Can you share some of the ways a non-hearing person enjoys music?

Deaf people can enjoy music in different ways. One way deaf people can enjoy music is by using their hands to feel the beat.  Another way is to watch videos and see the band, expression and movements.  A third was is to watch videos that are interpreted or have captions. So, deaf people can use different ways and they enjoy it!

You can make music and express yourself with music even as a non-hearing person.  What are your favorite ways to make songs and express yourself with music?

My favorite ways to make songs and express myself with music are writing about my experiences to express myself and trying to match the lyrics with a beat and movement.

See Stephanie Shipi perform this song:

Yes You Can